You have a watch shop, a military shop, a sporting goods shop.
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Conditions of collaboration

Representing the MTM brand is a source of pride for us, if you are on this page, you certainly have the same motivation as ours.
We are looking for shops in the watch, military or sporting goods sector.
Doing business together can be a great opportunity, we offer excellent products and respect for sales areas.

• Respect for the sales area.
• Fixed price, unique throughout Europe.
• Only one Dealer for each small / medium-sized city.
• The possibility of being able to purchase by customizing the watch model requested directly from our web platform.
• Delivery of customized products within 15 days.

To become a Dealer, the request for a first purchase of watches in stock of 12 pieces in the models and variants at the discretion of the Dealer is mandatory, guaranteed no quantity obligation in subsequent purchases.

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